UniLogic: Your Partner for Instrumentation and Design Services

Instrumentation & Design

At UniLogic, we recognize the crucial role of instrumentation in ensuring accurate and efficient process control. We are committed to delivering comprehensive instrumentation and design services that meet our clients’ specific requirements. Our team of experts, equipped with extensive industry knowledge and skills, remains involved in all aspects of a project, from design through procurement, installation, and commissioning.

Our range of instrumentation and design services includes:

  • 1
    Instrument specifications: Detailed specifications for instruments ensuring compatibility and performance.
  • 2
    Instrument hook-up and standard installation diagrams: Clear diagrams for instrument installation and hook-up.
  • 3
    Instrument locations, cable tray routing: Optimal instrument placement and cable routing design.
  • 4
    Junction box and cable schedule with material take-off: Layouts, schedules, and material requirements for junction boxes and cables.
  • 5
    Control system design (PLC/SCADA and DCS) and programming: Designing and programming control systems using PLC/SCADA and DCS technologies.
  • 6
    Logic diagrams SAMA drawings, alarms, and safety interlocks: Developing logic diagrams, SAMA drawings, and implementing alarms and safety measures.
  • 7
    Plant-wise power distribution drawings: Drawings for effective power distribution within the plant.
  • 8
    Motor control center design: Designing motor control centers for efficient motor control and monitoring.

Choose UniLogic as your trusted partner for comprehensive instrumentation and design services. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensure that your project requirements are met, and your process control needs are effectively addressed.