UniLogic: Your Trusted Partner for On-Site Erection and Commissioning

Erection & Commissioning

UniLogic offers dedicated on-site erection and commissioning services. Our skilled team of site engineers and workers, equipped with the necessary tools, ensures high-quality service delivery. We meticulously plan and execute the erection process, including building structures, positioning machines, and ensuring precise alignment. Our focus on safety, quality, and attention to detail guarantees successful installation and commissioning for your processing plant. Partner with UniLogic for reliable on-site services you can trust.

Our range of services includes:

  • 1
    Erection contract jobs for instrument and electrical works, with or without supply and installation of instruments and control valves.
  • 2
    DCS/PLC control marshalling panel installation, as well as the installation of analyzers, cable trays/ducts, and junction boxes for both conventional and fieldbus systems.
  • 3
    Installation of impulse piping to enable accurate measurement and control of process parameters.
  • 4
    Expert installation of pneumatic tubing for efficient pneumatic control systems.
  • 5
    Professional cable laying services for both conventional and fieldbus systems, ensuring reliable electrical and communication connections.
  • 6
    Glanding and termination services to provide secure and reliable connections for electrical and instrumentation components.
  • 7
    Calibration of various types of process instruments to ensure accurate measurement and control of critical parameters.
  • 8
    Thorough loop testing and supply of skilled instrument manpower for efficient commissioning and optimal system performance.
  • 9
    Electrical activity for solar plants, including installation and maintenance of electrical systems to support renewable energy generation.
  • 10
    Electrical installation activity, including the setup of Motor Control Centers (MCC), High Tension (HT), and Low Tension (LT) lines for effective power distribution.

Trust UniLogic to deliver superior client-site erection and commissioning services, leveraging our expertise and commitment to excellence. We ensure the successful implementation and operation of your industrial systems, meeting your specific requirements and industry standards.