System Integration Excellence

At UniLogic, we excel in system integration, delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of modern industries. Our expertise spans the entire project lifecycle, from envisioning and solution architecture to project design, precision engineering, and application development. We are committed to selecting the right components and leveraging our production expertise to deliver top-quality automation solutions.

Embracing Transformation

The automation industry has witnessed significant advancements in technology, such as AI/ML, quantum computing, blockchain, and AR/VR. At UniLogic, we recognize the need to embrace these transformative technologies and move beyond legacy automation approaches. We are at the forefront of automation transformation, leveraging our deep control automation expertise and modern digitalization technology to drive results.

One-Stop System Integrator

As a one-stop system integrator, UniLogic understands the complexities of different industries and speaks the language of our clients. We offer comprehensive engineering solutions regardless of the automation phase or the degree of digitization. Our aim is to be your trusted partner throughout the automation journey, providing quality engineering and ensuring successful project outcomes.

Partner with UniLogic

Choose UniLogic as your partner for system integration excellence. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your business complexities and delivering tailored solutions that align with your goals. From vision to commissioning, we combine our deep control automation expertise with modern digitalization technology to transform your automation projects. Experience the UniLogic difference and unlock the full potential of automation in your industry.

Automation Solutions

At UniLogic Automation, we are a trusted system partner, specializing in providing comprehensive automation solutions across diverse industries. Our expertise extends to multiple automation platforms, allowing us to deliver industrial automation utilizing various control systems such as PLC/DCS/CNC. These systems enable seamless control of multiple operations, reducing the need for extensive human intervention.

By combining our shop-floor expertise with cutting-edge technology platforms, including AI, blockchain, digital twins, and advanced data analytics, we empower our clients to stay at the forefront of their industries. Our control strategies, implemented through a range of advanced technologies, ensure optimal performance and desired output, making the automation system an integral part of your industry and domain.

With our robust project management capabilities, experienced teams, and deep domain exposure, we are the ideal partners to accompany you throughout your automation journey, from conceptualization to commissioning. Trust UniLogic Automation to deliver tailored solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and success in your industry.